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Cloud Solutions


New technologies have stimulated a golden age of innovation making it challenging for enterprises to keep and set the pace. Need is not just to move to cloud faster but with clear vision, smart strategy and implementation ammunition. We help you reap the rewards by easing your cloud adoption.You are offered the finest cloud computing services ranging from databases, storage to networking and servers.Our combined experience in cloud based development makes us the perfect choice for all your cloud consultations.

DevOps Consultations


DevOps means that software development and IT operations are merged into a single unit aiming to minimize development time and increase software efficiency. We at Technologia Corp offer multiple DevOps consultations on complex problems ranging all the way from automation and monitoring to scaling, infrastructures, and design. Our team of professional DevOps experts are well equipped to handle the rapid increase in software development speeds nowadays.

Technology Training 

Arranging instructors and devising plans to educate them on the matter is a difficult task. With progress in business management through the use of modern equipment combined with advanced software, it can be hard for new users to understand, we can help you through that with our technology training service. 


At Technologia Corp you are provided with  great benefits package, so that you can focus more on your work and unburden yourself from other worries of life. We are not only committed to your work but you as a whole person because we realize that your work is affected by your well being so we take care of your head to toe. 


We look forward to hiring new personnel such as DevOps & Cloud Experts and other software engineers for various positions across the USA. You can apply by sending your resume to our support team and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We Are Committed To:

Fostering an environment where the best and brightest people want to work

Enabling opportunities to develop and expand careers

Encouraging employees to meet professional and personal goals

We work with different work authorization candidates like Opt/Cpt/H4 EAD, L2 EAD, W2, and TN visa.


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