IT Consulting & Services

Managed End-to-End Services

In this globally competitive market, to attain maximum performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, organizations need to focus their internal staff on their core competencies. Leave the daunting task of day-to-day management to our global and deep technology expert teams.

We assist our partners in designing, developing, integrating and maintaining business applications to enable them to solve complex, mission-critical business problems


Digital Experience

Today’s brands must deliver human-centered, tech-savvy experiences at scale to standout in the markets and transform their businesses. Partnership with us means deep technical expertise with digital insight to help you manage the entire process and make your goals a reality.



New technologies have stimulated a golden age of innovation making it challenging for enterprises to keep and set the pace. Need is not just to move to cloud faster but with clear vision, smart strategy and implementation ammunition. We help you reap the rewards by easing your cloud adoption.


Technologia Corp offer multiple DevOps consultations on complex problems ranging all the way from automation and monitoring to scaling, infrastructures, and design

Data Analytics

Data fuels innovation, elevates customer experience, saves money and generate new revenue. With our partnership, we help cultivate a data-driven and data-fast organization. We offer a variety of engagement models; from initial consultations to end-to-end solutions packages to help companies turn the data problem into a business advantage.

Infrastructure and Platform

In order to keep up the pace with technology advancements in the fields of big data, mobility, cloud, and communication, it is imperative to have a simple, flexible and comprehensive IT infrastructure and processes. We help you transform into a high-capacity and efficient powerhouse IT organization.


Protecting your business these days means a lot more than snapping a finger, organizations need to think differently. We will help redefine security processes, prioritize vulnerability mitigation to help you detect, monitor and attack threats.